Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Workout of the Day: 1st Time at the CF Gym!!!!

You have NO idea how relieved I was when I saw this w.o.d.

I used to do gymnastics & cheer-leading for YEARS

I was VERY confident in my abilities to do this!

We started out with warm ups using a ladder and running drills...

I SUCKED at the ladder, and was pretty slow, but I felt a littler better when someone else in the class tripped...

Is that mean of me??

Then it came to doing Handstand walks, Forward Rolls, Barward Rolls, Cartwheels & Roundoffs..


This was a great day to be my first day... Because I was the best at these!

Thanks mom and dad for all the years of gymnastics & cheer!

The First Workout The Coach had me to 10 push ups in the place of muscle ups. 


2nd wod....


Seriously...any cockiness I had about being awesome with gymnastics moves went down the drain.


Unfortunately, I could NOT do a Toes to Bar. 

I had to do knee ups instead...

I finished in 13.42

Not to bad for my first time eh???

Afterwards I came home and laid down and DIED

Then jeff called me and told me to get up and drink water and eat before I fell asleep.

I guess that crazy feeling after a REAL, HARD workout is going to take some getting used to???

Happy Workouts!

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  1. That sounds hard! Just looking at that list makes me break into a sweat! Well done for doing it though!

    Jamie @ Zombie Food to Zombie Fit