Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Realized I joined a Cult...and I LIKED it

Jeff and I after the Barbells for Boobs event! He finished Grace in 2 min 53 seconds!

Grace is:
30 Clean & Jerks for time 
(135 lbs)

Here is his video!!
(ignore the high pitched screaming voice, that's me cheering him on obnoxiously!)

While amongst many other CrossFitters of all stages of fitness, I realized something...

 I joined a cult...and I liked it. 

I didn't track my food for the day because I did not even eat ANY real meals until dinner. 
Can you say poor meal planning?

The RUDEST thing happened to me. 

A girl in my math class needed help with her hw, and made plans with me to meet at a local Starbucks to go over the hw together. 

I went at the designated time, and she NEVER showed up. 

I've NEVER been "stood up" before and let me tell you, it does NOT feel good. 

I texted her (about 20 mins after the designated time) and asked if we were still meeting, after a while I realized I was not getting a response, and I left. 

So when she texted me 2 hours later and asked if we could meet tomorrow morning instead, I told her I had plans. 

Am I in the wrong? I feel bad that she needs help, but I am having a hard time FORGIVING someone I waited 1 hour for, in a Starbucks, by myself, while drinking this sugary/fattening drink to cheer myself up:

What would you have done?

Here are some more pics from the event...

I hope by NEXT YEAR when Barbells for Boobs does its annual CF event in AZ, I will be COMPETING too!!!!!

 Right after he finished... isn't he cute??


  1. have no duty to her any longer for "standing you up". That was seriously rude on her part. Glad you found a niche in your new "cult" ;)!

  2. Hey Dani nice pictures!! It's amazing what your boyfriend did I honestly haven't seen anyone doing something like that before! Send him my respects.

    Yeah I feel related about being stood up. I don't mind much though as normally I'm always with my computer studying until they show up and if they don't it doesn't really matter, studied anyways :P But yeah if I was you next time I saw her I would mention that you were there waiting for her and she never showed up. And mention you got a drink, who knows maybe she'll offer to pay for it ;)

    Anyways have a good one!


  3. That's completely justified - if they don't bother letting you know that they're not going to turn up, you shouldn't have to bend over backwards to help them. They're the one benefiting from your help, so it's in their best interests to show up. You're all good :)