Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rest Day- Not!

Just because it was a rest day from CrossFit, does NOT mean I feel rested!

Tomorrow I have a busy day as well:

School from 7:30 am - 12:50

Work from 1:15-5:00

Face Paint for the YMCA from 5:15 - end. 8-9 p.m.?

Basically I will be leaving my house in the morning, and not be returning until late at night! Sad!

Good news: I packed my lunch, dinner & snacks for tomorrow ahead of time so I will have no crazy splurges!

Now for the Exciting Part! My food for the last 2 days:

When is your rest day?


  1. Looks good! Well done for preparing everything in advance :)
    Hope you had a good day, even if it was a busy one!

  2. Friday is my rest day and I made the most of it!

  3. That's one hell of a long day! I usually save the weekends for my rest days (mainly because getting to the gym is that little bit more difficult) so I try to do all my workouts during the week.