Monday, September 24, 2012

A BAD Case of the Mondays...


If you know what this picture is referring to, I LOVE you. 

But really, I came home from class after a FULL night of sleep, only to FALL BACK ASLEEP

I had a TERRIBLE headache from quitting coffee - all day

I had no motivation to work out (until after work when I had jeff Motovate me)..

I wore Comfy WORKOUT CLOTHES to work...

 I did not do my homework...

& I found out a sexual predator that preys on college girls is most likely going to attack again, at my campus. FUN right?

If that's not the Monday's, I don't know what is!!!!

At least I tried to eat well.

Photo Diet:

I was so hungry, I ate it and THEN realized I forgot to take a pic. 


-Brocolli, Pork, & Baked potato

Did anyone else suffer from the Monday's today?!

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