Thursday, September 27, 2012

W.O.D : NANCY...Hey! That's my Mom's Name!

Today's wod is nancy...

3 Rounds 
400 Meter Run
16 lb Over head Squat x15

I'm SO excited!!!!! But I also find this HILARIOUS

Picture from Highschool
Me on the right, NANCY on the Middle, and My sis on the left!

(just wanted to show you the real nancy)

My sister and I (being the brats we were)
Used to call my mom Nancy, (her name)
When we were mad at her in middle school.

It bothered her SO MUCH
That by high school, we only called her Nancy. 

Our friends called her "Nancy Pants" and "Fancy Nancy" 

Were we evil??? Or is it funny to everyone?? 

Of course now, I am back to calling her Mommy  Mom

Did anyone else have similar experiences with their parents growing up???

Happy Workouts!


  1. Hey Dani!

    We started calling my dad Ignacio when we were teenagers and actually still do! I call him 'D' (in English...from Dad) and it got quite popular.

    My mother on the other hand did not like it when we started calling her Alicia. So she nagged us quite badly and we are pretty much forced to call her mom :P

    Have a good one!


    PS: Ohhh Fancy Nancy. I read tons of books about Fancy Nancy to my little girl when I was in the States <3

  2. okay ms. dani- I have a dumb question- what do you use to create these workout graphics?