Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Journal Entry? & Photo Diet 9/11/12

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Today I am Overwhelmed!!!

I am known as the "game" person when it comes to working with kids in the after school program. 

I know tons of group games for kids that are FUN and not the same old - same old. 

I also invent new active games all the time and keep them in a binder with me- the game binder!

I guess this made an impression on my boss because we have an all staff meeting coming up this Thursday, 

and my boss has asked me to teach my co-workers about group games and then make them play 5 of my original games as well as create a handout for them...

Uhmmm Hello?

 I'm younger than most of them, not to mention that this lovely group of young people almost never listen to ANY guest speakers, or even my BOSS

So I have been a little less than excited to plan a presentation for 150-200 people who probably will not be

pleased that I am making them get up and out of their chairs to play children's games!

I was unable to workout today :( 

Maybe going with the theme of being overwhelmed, I found myself EXHAUSTED when it came time to workout tonight.

 I still have a ton of homework to do, a study guide to finish, two different text book chapters to read...

Isn't this the most pathetic blog post ever?


okay I will just show you what I ate today so I will stop complaining and put you out of your misery:

These are the GREATEST thing I have ever tried off pinterest, I swear!
The Recipe is as follows:
1 banana
2 eggs
dash of cinnamon
dash of vanilla...

And I got to eat PANCAKES (looked like pancakes)
Tasted like banana heaven.

 Leftover meatloaf, Sweet potato, & salad....
Take a good look at this lunch, it will come up again in this blog post...

Work Snack:
 The best part about working with kids is that if I forget my snack, I can always have what we are serving them!!! Today I was in LUCK because sometimes the snacks are very unhealthy!

I didn't even take a picture..Because you already saw what I had for dinner... my LUNCH

I went over to my boyfriends house for dinner, and guess what his mom prepared?

That's right, Meatloaf & Sweet Potatoes. 


Just prepared by a different mom.
(and actually tasted allot better than my moms)

Needless to say, tomorrow I will NOT be having Meatloaf...Or maybe for allot longer than that ahahah

Last but least my Puppy Smokey turned 1 today so my boyfriend made him a feast of Bacon, Green Beans, Meatballs & Dog food

He loved it!
Spoiled dog

Anyways I hope everyone has a relaxing night for me, because I will be up doing homework for the most of it. 

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