Saturday, September 8, 2012

Body in Transition...Frumpy Style

Two years ago I started college

1 Year ago I started a Cake Pop Bakery - Cake Stix

Over this period of time I went from 123 lbs to 157

34 lbs gained. 

I am 5'2 on a GOOD day, so this weight gain left me bulging out in places I never bulged before!
I have lost 6 lbs (hopefully 7 this week) and Have toned up my body a bit. 
The change being so much more obvious than I would've thought for only losing 6 lbs!

Here is the problem..

I bought FAT clothes this past year, and got rid of ALLOT of clothes!


You get the picture!

But for some reason, I seemed to hang onto my SKINNY clothes from my 123 weight...

Maybe for a goal? What was I thinking?!

This leaves me with not allot to choose from:

Looking Frumpy in my Fat clothes

Or looking chubby in my skinny clothes?!

I don't want to go out and buy new clothes-

because my body is in Transition

Who knows? In a few months I could be feeling Frumpy in the clothes I buy NOW!

Has anyone else ever experienced this before?!!!

It Sucks!

P.s. Sorry for all this complaining. There is just really nothing else I can do about it!
Thanks for listening to my negativity :)

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