Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sick of Barbecues -Photo Diet 9/15/12

What's this? Some people on blogger & Facebook saying its fall?

No, not here in Arizona. 

Here in Arizona we are still having BARBECUES and SWIM Parties. 

Here in AZ we are STILL over 100 degrees daily. 

I can't wait for fall. 

My Main reason being?

I's sick of all these bbq/swim parties. 

Why? Because every food I love is in front of me, and I Over eat BAD on what IS healthy - Buffet style is

 not meant for me.

Without further adieu here is what I ate today:

Late Breakfast:
Find the recipe here!

BBQ Lunch/Dinner:
 My (not so paleo) attempt at eating healthy at the bbq!!!


At least I worked out today!
(not posted)

Tomorrow is a weigh in day, and I am NOT very hopeful. This past week was rough for me. 

I am a girl that likes to stay on a specific schedule and things did NOT go as planned this week!

I'm hoping to get prepared tomorrow for the week ahead!


  1. Hey Dani! Your diet is looking good though! I know how complicated it can be to go to parties and stuff like that and watch everyone eat whatever they want to while you have to stick to your dishes...That's why I normally try to take my own food from home and make sure I don't eat anything that is not in that tupper!!

    Anyways sorry I haven't been around, it's been a crazy week I wish you the best hope everything is party rocking!


    1. Thanks for checking in on me Emilio!! Good idea on bringing your own food to parties... I will have to try that! I know EXACTLY what you mean about having a crazy week, I have had one as well! I hope everything calms down for us this next week!