Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo Diet 9/10/12

Looking at these pictures... I ate ALLOT today!

& I don't regret it one bit ;)

Best Part of my Day: Having someone tell me I looked like I lost weight!

Worst Part of my day: Tripping on my face when I was running... True story. 

What did I trip on you might ask? Oh, just air. 

Photo Diet:

Don't forget to get ready for Work it Out Wednesday :) 


  1. I haven't eaten for several hours now, as I decide to restart water fasting. These pictures are a real temptation! *swallow my saliva

  2. You ate beautifully my friend!!! Your portion sizes are spot on and once your body starts to fuel on good foods, it will kick start your metabolism storing all the good nutrients and combined with your workouts, burn the fat. Keep up the great work babe xx