Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Workout of the Day & Photo Diet!!!

Me Dead-lifting in the boyfrands garage gym...
Muscles...Still non-existent

Today I Dead-lifted & Dipped
For time!

I dead lifted 75 Pounds!

*May not be allot but is an accomplishment for me!

Photo Diet:

 Tried these quinoa flakes for the first time!

 Looks similar to oatmeal - definitely has a different flavor but still good!
I cooked it with honey, cinnamon & coconut milk this time so it tasted allot better than my first attempt at breakfast Quinoa :)

 Burrito Bowl from Chipolte. 
Only has pork, lettuce, pico, corn salsa and Guac.


I put NO butter on my sweet potato - just some ground cinnamon & a small drizzle of honey!

I still feel good about my food challenge for the week..

If it works well I may try to do it NEXT week too. 

Who knows, maybe I will see better results?

winning equation #crossfit #paleo 

According to this formula, it will work WONDERS!

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