Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Diet 9/14/12

I am not one for excuses, but OH MY

I have been SO busy these past couple days...

Yesterday I went straight from school, to work, to a work meeting, didnt get home until 10, and then stayed up until midnight finishing homework!

That may not sound like alot... but to me it IS!

Yesterday I was so wrapped up in my day's events I forgot to post my photo diet....

Sad day for me. 

Then even TODAY I forgot to take pictures of half of my food!!! Whats going on with me?!! 

I think this weekend I am going to slow things down, prioritize, and try and get a HANDLE on my life so I will be better prepared for next week!

Photo Diet:


1 egg

Cilantro Jalepeno Hummus & Chicken w/ cucumbers! YUMMM

(greek food again?)

Gyro meat & greek salad. 

I TOLD you I forgot to take pictures of my food!

Am I losing my mind?

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