Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping Up With My Weekly Goals! - Photo Diet!

Let's reflect on my main goal for the week before we peep my food for the day:

Simple enough, eh?

It's really not that hard, but I forgot HOW MANY THINGS HAVE SUGAR!

Today also helped me realize how much I depend on Dairy products as snacks, and supplements to my meals!

Here is what I ate today:

I also spent some quality time at the store looking for some extra snacks/food for the week. 

I spent at least 45 minutes turning over products and reading labels!

If it had sugar or a name I couldn't pronounce, it was out!

I ended up only buying chicken, coconut milk, green beans, almonds, almond flour, canned pumpkin, apples, all natural -no sugar coconut milk ice cream......

Allot less than my usual trip!

It was sad to pass all the dairy products that I love. 

But we will see what happens this week!

It feels good to challenge myself!


  1. Hey Dani good luck this week! Those berries look awesome!!!

    I have issues finding stuff I can eat as well. When I started the diet I'm following now I told myself pretty much the same thing you are "No sugar + no (white) flour + no things I cannot pronounce". It ended up becoming extremely complicated for me to find stuff like that so I ended up being a little bit more open about it.

    Have a good week :D


    1. Thanks for stopping by Emilio!!!


  2. Hey girly looks like your doing awesome 9 pounds wow keep up the good work!