Thursday, September 20, 2012

Food Goal: Epic FAIL

Today was just one of those days... yeah. 

I was late for class so all I had for Breakfast was a Banana....


On my way home from school I weirdly decided - what the heck? I will go in my jeans & t shirt and workout with my boyfriend. 


I borrowed a pair of his shorts but had NO SPORTS BRA aka I worked out - SO UNCOMFORTABLE!


Then, Of course since I spent my whole lunch time working out, I started cooking lunch but realized I was LATE for work, had to leave everything on the stove and grab some lunch on the way to work.

Burger King Anyone?

Lets take a look at what I ate and talk about how I did not reach my goals because of POOR PLANNING ...

 Measly Banana Breakfast, so small :(

 the "so called" 100% fruit smoothie

 small sweet potato fries...sadly delicious

 Salad that was sad to say- Not good. 

A lot of this. It was delicious. 

ANOTHER salad. 

Safe to say it was just one of "those" days???

Obviously I need to plan ahead a little better. 

Hoping all of you had a better day than I did!

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