Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paleo Crepes!

I am not one to post recipes usually, but this I HAD to share!

I have eaten this several times this week....

because it resembles PANCAKES but is Paleo! Say what?!

Before we all cheer that we found a crepe/pancake recipe with no flour/sugar in it,

 Remember I have been eating Paleo for QUITE some time now, and my sister (non-paleo) informed me 

that she did not like the texture/ banana flavor! 

1 Ripe Banana
2 eggs

Whole Batch = about 250 Calories! 
(without toppings)

Mash 1 banana and whisk with 2 eggs 
+ add a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla

* Cook them just like you would pancakes - not crepes. 
The batter is already very thin!

*The banana in the mix makes them a tad browner than normal pancakes but they are not burnt!

Assemble your crepe fillings!
I usually just stuff mine with Greek yogurt & strawberries!
-Nutella is NOT Paleo but tates AWESOME with the banana Flavor

The Finished Product:
They will be browned a little more than regular pancakes/crepes because the banana cooks differently!

Stuff and Enjoy!!!

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