Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday...Or just Homework Day.

I had an AWESOME start to my day when I found out I have officially lost 

10 Pounds!!!

and it only took 14 weeks???


It feels so, so, so LONG!

But in reality I guess it took about 3 and a half months...

So hopefully only 3 & a half months to go until I am down 10 more pounds??!!!

Then I did homework alllll day. 

And studied. 


Dinner time toinght I dined at my boyfriends house and unfortunately dinner did not go along well with my diet plan....

But I have decided to put this theory to work:

So really I did not do TOO bad! ha!

Food Time:

 Breakfast: Banana & a cup of Milk

Lunch: Greek Salad with Hummus Dressing!

 Dinner: Veggie & Chicken Stuffed Rolls

Fruit Salad... YEAUH

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