Saturday, September 22, 2012

My First Football Game!

Can you believe I've never been to a College football game before?!

It was SO FUN!

I got this awesome Sparky shirt so I would blend in with the crowd! Fear the Fork!

*Sorry for the bad quality pic*
I ate a HOT DOG & a BROWNIE..
So obviously I had to take a awkward pic with my hot dog!

The value of the seats we had that included FREE food was almost as much as I make in TWO WEEKS at my current job....

Aka I was NOT leaving without enjoying the experience! Because I am probably never going to a game in THOSE seats ever again!

*Let me just say- afterwards I realize I was very unsatisfied with my Hot Dog and am happy with my usual diet choices. 

Eating well makes your tummy happy!

Boyfrand and I in front of the giant sparky!
*another bad quality pic - don't you love phone cameras?

Afterwards we were POOPED and snuggled with our baby. 
Yes, our dog is our baby.

What did YOU do this Saturday evening?

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  1. Hey Dani! Glad to know you had fun! How was the game by the way did ASU win!? Who were they playing against!?

    Pictures look nice :D

    Have a good one!