Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goals for this week! & Photo Diet!

I realized today I haven't set weekly goals in a while...

Have I really been in this journey for 12 weeks??!!! 

My goals for this week are pretty simple, but will be VERY hard for me.

Goal #1
Simple enough, eh?

This is the ULTIMATE Paleo's goal. 

I have been living my life under the standard of 80% Paleo Lifestyle which I got from an awesome Paleo book!

While everything has been going well enough, I feel like I need to be reminded what I SHOULD be aiming for. 

So My first goal for this week is to eat 100% Paleo (except on Saturday night, i'll get to that later)

Goal #2

My Boyfriend and I wrote up this workout schedule for this week so that I have workouts to stick to. 

Basically I know which days I will workout before work, and which days I will be working out after work!

This will help SO MUCH after the hectic week I just had! Yay!

Goal #3:

I can't look at this picture enough!

My goal this week is to lose 1 more lb!

For clarification, I am NOT on a crash diet. I am having a LIFESTYLE adjustment. 

I have been doing this for 12 weeks and lost 9 pounds. 

That may seem slow to some people, but to me it is Perfect. 

This doesn't happen overnight, its a slow process that takes dedication and motivation. 

It takes money for clean eating grocery's. 

It takes will power. 

You have to SWEAT. 

But EVENTUALLY, I will be at my goal. 

And if everything goes to my current success, I will be near or have reached my goal in February-March. Yay!

So anyways, those are my 3 goals for the week!

Photo Diet:

*Dinner - unpictured: Salmon, Veggies & Potatoes!

Today a miracle happened... I had time to PAINT MY NAILS!

I tried the new ombre look - which I loved!

What are your goals for the week?

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