Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo Diet 9/7/12

I am one of those girls that goes out into public - dressed like I'm going to the gym with my hair in a bun...


Unless I'm dressing up for a date or special occasion, I'm comfortable. 

I partially blame my work for this, because the main focus of my little job is to PLAY with kids. 

Meaning, if I was dressed all cute, I wouldn't really be able to do my job, aka: play basketball, jump rope, tag games, ect. 

Today I actually got ready for class. By this I mean I took a shower and blow dried my hair. 

I also Flat Ironed it, teased it, styled it, and looked PRETTY GOOD for a girl who usually goes to class in pajamas everyday. 

So I am feeling pretty good about myself right? Looking thinner, my hair done, wearing JEANS for once and then...


That hour I spent getting all cute for school when I could have been sleeping was WASTED!

My hair was soaked, my jeans soggy and my good mood was crushed!

I am now happy to say I am planning on resuming my bun-hair pajama ritual. 

Here is what I ate today:

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  1. Oh no! It's sill but that would seriously put me in a mood as well. I hate ruining a good hair day!