Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Cookie Catastrophe

So today I got home from class a little earlier than usual. 

I decided to make the kids at my work Sugar Cookies!

For those of you who don't yet know, I LOVE baking & I owned a cake pop business CakeStix (click here to see)

I just happen to have a recipe for the BEST sugar cookies EVER. 

I decided to make a double batch and bring all my kids cookies, with enough left to gift to my boyfriend...

BAD idea. 

Somewhere along the "doubling" of the recipe, I made a HUGE mistake



The cookies were coming out very flat... 

After a couple of failed batches in & out of the oven I realized the inevitable..

I would have to TASTE one to figure out the problem. 

As soon as I ate one, I knew I needed more flour. 

Unfortunately, that lead to me eating 3 cookies. 



For some reason After I tasted the one cookie, when two more cookies broke apart...they ended up also being "testers"

Why is it, that I have eaten so well, for SO long, but I still fight food addiction & Temptation?

I don't know if I will EVER understand it, but after reading my blog friend Emilio's post yesterday, I know It happens to the best of us!
(find his blog here)

Do you guys ever struggle with food addictions??!! Or just food temptation?

At least the rest of the day went well for me, here are the other things I ate:

A new shaved ice place by my house just opened called Rita's!
Tonight they gave away FREE icee's 
This is a pic of the sugar-free pineapple flavor!

Thinking this may be my new favorite cheat dessert!

Hoping everyone an awesome and Sugar Cookie Free Saturday!

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