Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photo Diet - National Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Did anyone else realize it was Talk Like a Pirate Day?

My Science Professor told my class that if you dressed like a pirate and went to Krispy Kreme Today, you would get a DOZEN free donuts!

I was ALL Over that, planning my costume/my plan of attack on the way home from class when I remembered - I don't eat Krispy Kreme anymore.....

Does the inner "fat child" never leave?! 

I seriously found myself fantasizing about donuts all day....

NOT okay. 

Here is what I ate today:

 My mom made these cute egg/bacon cups for breakfast this morning... They were GOOD but I was SO FULL all day.... Seriously I didn't even eat lunch! Talk about a protein kick?

 I snacked on almonds and this GIANT apple at work. You wouldn't know it made a difference... but this brand/type of almonds are my FAVORITE! 

Steamed Veggies, Chicken, & Salad...
Pretty sure I broke the "no sugar" rule on the salad. 
The packet of dressing had no ingredients listed on it....

But I'm hoping the hills workout I did today made up for it!
I HATE backpedaling! 

I hope everyone had a fab wednesday

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  1. Hi Dani,
    I've been following your blog for a while, and I want to say those egg/bacon rolls look really good! Do you have a recipe or steps to follow for how your mum made them? I want to try them for myself!