Monday, August 6, 2012

My 21st Birthday

I turned 21 this weekend. 

Things would've been REAL crazy this weekend...except I don't drink...

(no i'm not mormon, just a personal choice)

So I spent my weekend in DISNEYLAND with my family & boyfriend!!!

I tried to document my food on the trip, I ate GOOD until Sunday...I think knowing it was my last day made me eat a little crazy...

Here are some of the things I chowed in Disneyland...

Yeah... that ice cream sunday? So NOT Paleo. 

But I ENJOYED myself.... you only turn 21 once right????

Today I WOULD'VE documented everything I ate, but I was very VERY tired and thrown off my schedule/ had an ALL day work meeting....

Plus I was not excactly Paleo today. 

Remember when I said it was easy and I did not even crave sugar or anything?

Yeah I guess when you go on a trip and think that you can eat CRAP and come back home to your routine, it doesn't work.

So tonight I went Grocery Shopping (which I love) to get me on track for the week, because I had NO food...

Here is the picture of my cart to make up for the lack of photo diet:

Also this week I am going to try and NOT eat any type of dessert/sweets so I can GET RID of my sugar/sweets cravings

Now here are some fun pics of my trip/birthday since I only talked about food:

 My Sister, me, Brother + his g.f. & my Parents

 My boyfriends arm covering my face

 Me and Mickey Mouse :)

 My boyfriend with some bushes he thought was awesome

 My Boyfriend and the Cars Land Fire Truck... He is an aspiring Fire Fighter :)
& he has an interview on Wednesday! Good Luck Jeff!

 Tower of Terror

 Chill Mini Mouse

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)



  1. Hey awesome pictures!! It looks like you had so much fun :D

    Have a good one!


    PS: Don't feel bad about what you had else it will hunt you for the rest of the week, at least it's like that with me!

  2. Happy Birthday. My daughter turns 21 this coming weekend. She is not a drinker either a personal choice as well. :) It looks like you had a great birthday. And a great plan for the week to get back on track from your vacation.

  3. What a great birthday week! Who says you need to drink to enjoy your birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Girls GOne FOod just had a birthday this weekend too haha just random cause I was just reading her post. That ice cream looks so good! You deserve to get a treat your over achiever haha~! Cute toes!

  5. Wow ! Awesome Pics, happy birthday dear i loved it your 21st birthday pics and happiness .