Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Cooking Skills/ a not so Paleo Day?

I often write about how my Boyfriend cooks for me. 

If you have eyes, you can see the food looks DELICIOUS

At this moment, you can look through my posts and see a pattern....

The only thing I know how to cook well is breakfast food.

Everything else to me is FOREIGN 

Unlike my boyfriend, who has a AMAZING stay at home mom who cooks/bakes DELICIOUS things and taught him how to cook/ bake.......

I grew up with a working mom (teacher).. who made the same 5 meals every week and Pizza on Friday's. 

Even now that my mom is retired, she keeps herself VERY busy and STILL makes the same 5 meals every week. 

I'm not complaining, I just WISH I knew how to cook!

My house also has a LACK of fresh/vital ingredients for most recipes. 

Being the struggling college student that I am, I do my best to buy my own HEALHTY groceries, but even then I cannot afford everything I need to be able to create the genius healthy-food masterpieces my boyfriend  creates at his house.

The past two years that I've been dating my boyfriend I've learned more about cooking than I have ever known.. and I'm still not good.


This is leading up to something.

Today, I went to work ALL day. 

I packed my lunch the night before. 

Like usual, my house had NOTHING healthy to cook except canned tuna in the pantry.

So I went for the tuna. 

I opened the can, and we had nothing to put in it...

No miracle whip, no avacado (found that on pinterest once) no NOTHING....

Except Mustard. 

At work today, I pulled out my weird colored mustard tuna and the kids confirmed it...

It looked and smelled disgusting. 

and tasted bad too. 

Since I was working the double shift, and since it's the end of the summer the kids got PIZZA in the afternoon.

I ate a piece.

I tried really hard to convince myself (while chewing on some blueberries) that I was completely satisfied with the food I had brought. 

But I wasn't

In the end, the smell of melted cheese on bread with hot pepperoni's won, and it was magnificent. 

I really am not ashamed about it, just PREPARED for what I need to grocery shop for next week, so that the next time I compare my lunch with a piece of pizza, I won't have to think twice about which I want to eat. 

Eating healthy shouldn't feel like I'm on fear factor (the mustard tuna)..

With all that being said about my "Paleo Slip Up"

Here is what I ate today:

 Scrambled eggs, Paleo Coffee

Lunch: (unpictured)
Nasty Tuna
Mixed Nuts

Greek Yogurt

Slip Up:

That's my boyfriends hand, modeling the delicious salad he made for me as a surprise :)

Chicken/mago salsa salad :)


Tomorrow I will be packing for a weekend in DISNEYLAND to celebrate my 21st birthday. 


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