Friday, August 17, 2012

Rewarding Myself & W.O.D

Reward Yourself... but:

This is something I have been overcoming these past 7 weeks. 

My whole life I have rewarded myself with food..

I think it stems back to when I was little, my mom would BRIBE me with jelly beans, and I would get one every time I did what I was SUPPOSED TO

Then again in Elementary school, every time I helped a teacher with something I would get CANDY

Then at home my parents would make us FINISH ALL YOUR DINNER before you can have dessert...

See the pattern???

I feel Incredible this week, I ate VERY well and I'm hoping the scales show it!!

So to reward myself, I bought myself a WORKOUT top, so I could use it to REACH my goals!!!!

Here is the pic:


I found this website Fashletics today and I was SO HAPPY!

Anyways, Today's w.o.d. is:

This is my last "fun" workout!

Then I'm back to business ;)

This is a w.o.d. I have done before and really enjoyed!

I hope everyone has the FAST & SPEEDY Friday they deserve!


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