Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking Back my Body & Photo Diet 8/17/12

I was cruising Pinterest and found this quote that made me HAPPY

This sums up my/my families feelings about my body right now...

My mom is short and chunky (when she was young she was a lean and toned BABE) 

.....My mom also eats a huge bowl of ice cream every night and doesn't exercise. 

Since I look like my mom, the past two years as I've gained weight,  my family has been saying:

It's because you have the same genes as mom! 


You and mom are built exactly the same, it's not your fault...

Really People??!!

I have a TWIN sister!

Look at the difference between me and my sister:

   We are TWINS!
(I'm on the right)

The only difference is she constantly watches her weight... and I STOPPED!

Thank goodness I've started being healthy again these past 7 weeks. 

Anyways what I wanted to say is it IS possible to take control of your body, no matter WHAT part of the gene-pool you got!

Photo Diet 8/17/12

 2 eggs & 2 Pieces of Bacon...Can you tell I love Bacon??

 Green Beans!!

 Salad from Paradise Bakery!
(So much will-power to say no to those cookies)

 Sugar Free Italian Soda from Starbucks! 
I was SHOCKED by all the cream in there... I thought it was JUST going to be the ITALIAN SODA...

Oh well. It was delicious, and sugar free?

 3 Squares of Organic Dark chocolate 

YUM! Steak, Green Beans & Sweet Potato! :)

I will be spending my next few days going through these notecards:
and turning them into Workout Graphics!!

This will cut down a TON of time when school starts next week!

Happy Friday!

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