Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photo Diet 8/18/12

It's been years since I have gone to Laser tag people, YEARS

I went on a double date tonight and had a FUN time at Laser Tag after dinner...

and it gave me a CRAZY idea....

Next time I go I'm going to wear gym clothes, and use my sports tracker to calculate my calories burned!!!

Anyways, here is what I ate today:

 Whole-wheat sweet pork quesadilla!

Looking back I did NOT get enough veggies today! I will definitely have to make up for that tomorrow!


I bought my copy of the Hunger Games!! YAY!

I have read all three books twice.... 

(Team Gale for Life)


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  1. Hey Dani! This is my third try to comment on your blog :S I don't get why it won't let me do it! This time though, I'll copy the text that way I don't have to write it all over again in case I want to try to comment again :P

    I have to admit your smoothies always look awesome. Do you just put some milk in it or is it yogurt? Do you put in anything else?

    Laser tag sounds fantastic!! That's something I always wanted to do but never found where to do it :S

    Have a good week!!