Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo Diet 8/12/12

Sundays are my FAVORITE day of the week!

While my boyfriend goes to church
(he is a children's sunday school teacher)

I spend my day relaxing and running errands that aren't at all tedious.

Grocery shopping that I love...except the spending money part.

In the afternoon my boyfrand and I took his dog on a walk to the park by his house and I attempted some pull ups

 (For some reason I always end up in a ball when I do them?)

My max by myself is a PATHETIC 1.  

My max when I do assisted pull ups (aka my brother holds my feet lightly) is 5...

So I'm trying to improve on them whenever I can!!

I had a great time with self-control today until the afternoon when I had a few pieces of Dark Chocolate

Here is what I ate today:

We were out of eggs, my go to breakfast as a Paleo...

So I made a protein smoothie instead, after hearing that Blueberries are a superfood? My boyfriend loves educating me on things like that...


 Leftover Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry

 Took my leftover cup of coffee from breakfast (I never finish) and put it on ice with a little more coconut milk

 Mixed Nuts
 Dark Chocolate


Dinner was at my boyfriends house tonight and is unpictured!!!
(i usually don't whip out my phone at his family dinners)

I had a hamburger patty with bacon & sweet potato fries! Unfortunately no veggies, I will have to make up for that tomorrow!

 My boyfriends dog doing his favorite trick, running up the slide and then sliding down it!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday!


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  1. Hey Dani it looks like you had a good fun day! Yay!!!! Have a good one keep up the good work!