Saturday, August 25, 2012

Photo Diet! 8/25/12

My workout today was a MAJOR disappointment. 

Usually on Saturdays there is an AMAZING Zumba instructor who's class is VERY hard and keeps me in high level cardio the whole hour... aka me panting and sweating really pathetically. 

Today however, a Male instructor was substituting the Zumba class. 

At first I was like hey, cool a dude is teaching Zumba!

Then the music started and the dancing was lame...and slow..and I was NOT sweating or huffing and puffing...

I think the only thing I was doing was feeling ridiculous for copying his moves!

I ended up leaving the class 30 minutes early in hopes of getting a better cardio workout on the elliptical. 

Which I did. 

Do you ever attend a gym class and feel like you want to leave because you don't like the instructor?

Anyways, here is what I ate today:

 2 eggs scrambled

Study Snack:
 Dark Chocolate

 Protein Smoothie
 & Veggie Platter

I went to a BBQ for Dinner and had DELICIOUS Turkey steak, Brocolli Salad and Watermelon. 

I said no to the delicious smelling homeade rolls AND the snickers ice cream pie. 

It wasn't even HARD I didn't crave them at all!

Unfortunately I suffered from stomach issues all night.... does eating too much broccoli screw up your digestive system??!!!!!

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  1. Actually yes, it can- mainly gas is a huge problem with broccoli. :)

    and to answer your question- yes about the gym also! Thankfully I have found a gym where I am thoroughly enjoying the instructors and the classes :) Although I definitely like some more than others!