Saturday, August 11, 2012

W.O.D 8/11/12

This morning I tried Mountain Biking for the first time with my Dad, Sister & Brother!

My Dad started mountain biking with my sister this past year and they have been LOVING it. 

My brother and Dad also have been mountain biking together since he was twelve (he is now 18)

I guess I have always been too SCARED to try it!!

Today I went for the first time on a moderately difficult trail. 

It WAS scary to go down-hill fast but for the most part it was fun and I will DEF go again!!!

The funniest part is that I made it the whole trail without falling off my bike or wrecking...

Then at the end when we were on a STRAIGHT and LEVEL path I ran into some tree branches and fell off my bike. 

My family of "pro" mountain bikers thought it was hysterical.....

I thought it was pathetic hahaha

but anyways

Here is the Info my Endomondo App gave me about my Trip:

Mountain biking
Start Time
Aug 11, 2012 9:06 AM
3.96 miles
Avg Speed
5.1 mph
Max Speed
12.3 mph
530 kcal
1243 ft / 1525 ft
I feel like we did pretty good considering we had to stop because  my sister started throwing up when we were almost done,

Due to poor breakfast choices.

Have a fabulous day!


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