Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why I LOVE Zumba... W.O.D

Today's W.O.D. 

Zumba is not exactly the workout of Champions. 

It's not a circuit workout

You won't get HUGE muscles 

It really won't help you prepare for a Spartan Race


It's FUN! You burn a TON of calories, and you will almost ALWAYS leave with a smile!

If you have been reading this for awhile, you know that I am an ex cheerleader/tumbler and I was an OKAY dancer.

and, Someday I want to be a ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR.

But not yet. 

So anyways I just wanted to leave you with this,

No matter how hard you are training, no matter what you are doing, STOP and let yourself have some REAL fun! Jumping up and down for an hour and shaking your booty is a wonderful cardio workout, I SWEAR!

Here are some resources if you do not belong to a gym:

Happy Saturday!




  1. Zumba is SO much fun! Like you said, it can be a really good cardio workout. My roommate is training to be a zumba instructor, so she teaches me all the dance moves. So cool!

  2. I'm loving your blog page Dan, very feminine <3 Keep up the great work girl!!! You're rocking it!!! XxDani