Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Diet 8/10/12

My workout today was AWESOME!

I like to consider myself resourceful when it comes to these "at home" workouts...

For instance I do my pull ups on a tree branch in my backyard..

That's right people.

 A tree branch. 

I also wanted to add a few extra pounds to my squat so...

I threw my dog minnnie on my shoulders... 
she was so cute she just sat there while I did 30 squats!!!!

Anyways here is what I ate today:

 Fruit & Veggie Juice with Scrambled eggs+ brocolli...

That's my little brother flexing his man boobs in the backround.. He thinks he's funny or somthing

Boyfriend made me lunch with leftovers from last night & a Blueberry Smoothie :)

 Nuts,  Dark chocolate & an apple to get me through 1:45 p.m. - 6p.m.

I went on a date tonight to DELICIOUS bbq place... But it was EXPENSIVE

After looking through the menu and talking with the boyfriend about prices I ended up getting a burger because it was ALOT cheaper than the healthier options...

Let me say it another way... we are college students who are not willing to pay over $23 a plate to have a date night. 

I know its a lame excuse, but the food really was good

 Water, my beverage of choice

 1/2 a bisquit from the bread they brought out

 1 small piece of my boyfriends appeetizer

 When they brought my plate out I was a little bit scared because of the MONSTER size...  No wonder the chiken & briskett was over $20!!!!

I decided to be smart about my burger and cut it in half, which worked out great because I really didn't want the other half.. 

It felt good to box it up so Boyfriend would have a free small lunch tomorrow :)
 These are my leftovers that I boxed up!

I honestly don't feel very guilty about my date night/splurge tonight...

but my BODY definitely hates it!

Boyfriend and I made a pact to go on a CHEAT date once a month where I can eat WHATEVS I want...

I hope everyone had a fabulous friday!

Tomorrow I am trying Mountain Biking for the first time!



  1. Ha -my brothers would have done the same thing if I put them in a picture. Men!

  2. haven't tried those nuttritions but might have to!