Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday - Bacon Day!!

Sunday is BACON DAY!!!

a.k.a I found out Bacon had tons of nitrate in it (cancer causing things?) That are apparently very bad for you.

So I vowed that I would only eat bacon on Sunday. 

Hence - Bacon Day!


 Coco Roasted Almonds, my new obsession!


After these two snacks I was pretty full for most of the day. 

And also I knew ahead of time that dinner would be served early and I guess I didn't end up eating lunch!!

Which is OKAY with me because dinner tonight was not Paleo one bit.

I don't have pics because I was at dinner with my boyfriends parents and they had company over...

I thought it might be rude to whip out my phone and start giving my plate a photo shoot, right???

So for dinner (obviously unpictured) was:

1 Bread roll

& Snickers Pie Dessert (naughty)

All in all, a very non paleo dinner. 
(and also a random selection of food?)

But you know what, sometimes there are going to be instances where I am not always going to have a Paleo option!

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  1. My mouth waters every time you post stuff like this xD

    Have a good week!