Thursday, August 16, 2012

W.O.D. Results & Photo Diet 8/16/12

Before we start, for all my new followers W.O.D. stands for Workout of the Day

Wod Results:

The hardest part of my workout today was the Back-bends!!

It's been SO long since I have done one... Hard to believe, considering only three years ago I looked like this and was a tumble crazy cheerleader:

  I am the one on the Left.....

Now I look ALOT more pathetic!

Here is my proof:

I couldn't even straighten my arms... at least my Love Handles are getting smaller???


Anyways, I finished the Gymnast Body Workout in:

8 min. 39 sec

Not too shabby eh??

Photo Diet:  

 1 Fried egg, 2 Pieces of Bacon & Brocolli

 Instead of Cracker sandwiches, Cucumber Sandwiches??
Grilled Chicken, Cucumber & Hummus

 Full Fat Yogurt
(way better for you)

 Mixed Nuts... I bit into my apple and it had a disgusting Worm Hole in it... HOW DISGUSTING is that????

Beef Lettuce Wraps from the local Asian Diner :)

This has been the LONGEST week ever!
How excited are you?

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