Friday, July 13, 2012

Entering the 3rd Week of my Journey!

As we are now entering the 3rd week of my "Change my life and get fit" plan, 

I find myself losing some of the GUNG HO spirit I came into it with!

I previously said I was going to motivate myself by buying myself something "workout related"

each week I am successful. 

So far I have done GREAT this week so now I have to decide, what will it be??
Last week I got this CUTE gym bag:

and now I need to find something else  to help motivate me to KEEP up my workouts!!!


Here are some of my options:

These cute shorts from Victorias Secret

Nike Loose Elastika Women's Training Tank Top
This Cute Loose-fit Nike Top

Or these Under Armour Shorts!

I want ALL of them...

Or maybe I deserve nothing. Considering I just ate one of the whole wheat chocolate chip cookies I was making for my Boyfriend...

Until tonight, 



  1. Hi Dani, I found your blog through the Blog Hop and your blog is really great! I've only gone through a few pages but really look forward to checking out the rest.

    Come on over and check mine out if you want-the name is "It's None of Your Fitness" and the link is:

    I'm also trying to lose weight though I'm a bit older than you, I'm 40, I'm always looking for great new tips and recipes and it looks like you have a bunch.

    Great to "meet" you!

  2. I love the idea of rewarding yourself with workout stuff. My vote is for that Nike top. Looks so comfy!

  3. Normally people reward themselves with food - so I LOVE the idea of rewarding yourself with workout clothing!! Keeps you on track and helps you feel great!