Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo Diet 7/25/12

I know we already had the longest day of the year, but I swear it felt like TODAY!

By two I was ready to take a nap!

Luckily my boyfriend forced me out of bed and encouraged me to workout!!

Here is what I ate today:


 1 small banana and scrambled eggs!

 1/4 cup cashews


 Chicken Meatballs served hot wing style, with sweet potato fries and brocolli

My boyfriend cooked for me tonight and I LOVED it!! 
That looks like rice right??? WRONG!!!  That cauliflower rice!! It was SO GOOD! Complete with teryaki chicken and fresh green beans! I was in heaven!! All completely Paleo! Thanks Jeffy :)

Tomorrow I get to sleep in an extra hour YAY!!!

until tomorow, 

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