Monday, July 23, 2012

Staying Motivated & Photo Diet

If you have read this before, you know that I reward myself weekly with "excercise/workout" themed gifts. 

Yesterday I purchased these little cuties:
Rainbow shoelaces to spice up my old nikes

and it did make them spicy.... I felt faster.. HA!

I also went grocery shopping today, which I LOVE!!!

Here is what was on my list to prepare me for my paleo challenge:

red onion
lemon juice
88% dark chocolate (its bitter)
coconut milk coffee creamer 
Ground chicken

I felt so HAPPY when I unloaded my groceries...
(the opposite of how I felt when I saw the total from whole foods)

Anyways, here is what I ate today:
Scrambled egg whites

Unpictured: pear for breakfast

Lunch: Bbq chicken, avacado, cucumber/tomato salad

Dark chocolate covered almonds... Which really must not be that dark because the dark chocolate I just bought is VERY bitter

Hamburger on a bed of grilled spinach, topped with 1/2 an avocado and complete with asparagus...Kind of a weird combo but I LOVED every bite!

I'm really hoping that this Paleo challenge will help me ACTUALLY lose weight, because I have only maintained for 3 weeks :(

Well until my W.O.D. tomorrow,


  1. Hey Dani! I have to say your lunch and dinner look fantastic! I try to make my food look as good as possible as I think that helps me taste the food better!

    Your shoes look awesome haha! Good job on the transformation :P

    Have a good one!


  2. Wow! Those pics are AWESOME accountability! :) well done