Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hiking as a Workout

I went hiking today with my Dad, my boyfriend, my brother & his girlfriend & my sister. 

It was SO FUN!

It was a two hour drive to the hike, but definitely worth it. 

Here are some Crappy Phone Pictures:

 My Makeshift TP holder...

 My Little Horny Toad Friend

 Boyfriend just hikes right through the water....I think he thinks he is
Bear Grylls???

 BEAUTIFUL butterfly
There were SO MANY out today, they kept landing on was awesome

 Boyfriend found a log similar to the one in the highland games... so he decided to recreate the Caber throw event?? He is crazy... I love him.

Here is the best part...

I burned 1,966 Calories!!!!!

Have you ever heard of the app Endomondo?

It takes all of your Vital Information, then GPS tracks your sports/excercise

So at the end of my EIGHT MILE HIKE

I had this information:

Average Speed
Average Pace
Calories Burned


a map of the hike we went on!!!

I was SO very happy to see how many calories you can burn hiking! Yay me!

Also I need to do my 30 Day ab challenge...

30 Day Ab Challenge Day #4

Happy Saturday!

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