Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo Diet 7/8/12

Today was a great day for me!

I was able to organize my meals for the week, my workouts, pre-prepare some of my meals do my LAUNDRY and relax with the boyfriend :)

Be excited people... Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's WODS are:


I'm very excited :) 

Here is what I ate today:

 Breakfast was SO YUMMY: 1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt, 1 handful raspberries, 2 eggs scrambled egg whites & 1/2 an avacado

Small Lunch: My Leftovers from Outback steak house!

Dinner was interesting tonight:

I went over to my boyfriends house for dinner with his family. 

He made whole wheat crepes for dinner....

But there weren't allot of healthy options!

I tried my best to fill up on fruit, but i DID put cinnamon/cream cheese mixture inside my crepes :(

I've decided not to beat myself up over it. 

As long as I remind myself of my goals I will be able to stay on track NO MATTER WHAT comes my way... or through my mouth..

My goal is to compete in the SPARTAN RACE in Feburary 2013. 

This means I need to make a FULL BODY transformation. I need to be able to run 3 miles effortlessly, while also completing hard physical tasks. 

Here is what the Table looked like at dinner tonight:

(I did not take a picture of my own plate because I did not want to be rude)

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