Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Diet 7/28/12

I saw the Batman Movie tonight, it was AWESOME

Here is what I ate today...

 Mickey D's all fruit smoothie... delicious


Lunch on the Hiking Trail:
 Chicken & Cashews

 SO NOT PALEO... Its a little family tradition, when we go hiking we ALWAYS get Dairy Queen after.... Maybe not the most HEALTHY tradition but I always enjoy it. HA

Today I was trying to tell myself NOT to participate...

But i Gave in... Oh well. At least I burned a ton of calories right??

Dinner: Unpictured
I snuck a chipolte burrito bowl into batman for dinner tonight...which is why I do not have a pic!!!
I have snuck quite a few ridiculous food items in my purse to movies over the years!!

I was SO HAPPY to see that harkins has added these apple chips to their candy counter... It made going up to the counter for my drink SO much more enjoyable.

Instead of staring longingly at the candy, I actually had somthing healthy to grab! Yay!

I love when my favorites places start to jump on the Healthy Bandwagon

As always, 


  1. Where's your protein? I'd starve on that little piece of meat alone.

    1. hahahah!!!! It looks that way.... But I actually forgot to take a picture until I had ALREADY stuffed my face with all of the chicken!!!!