Wednesday, July 11, 2012

W.O.D. 7/11/12 Run&Gym

 If I haven't said it enough I will say it again.... I am training my body to run a spartan race in Feb. 2013!!!!!!

I was sitting around one day, unmotivated, and realized I needed to set some sort of fitness goal for myself. 

So I did some research and figured 7 months is a reasonable amount of time to have a whole body transformation???!!???..... i HOPE

So anyways, 

I jogged 2 miles this morning at 6 a.m.

For my p.m. workout I will either be hitting up the gym for a cardio kickboxing class, OR be doing this little number:

50 Squats
30 push ups
10 dips
40 squats
20 burpees
10 handstand push ups
30 squats
10 burpees
10 handstand push ups
20 squats
10 dips
10 situps

My boyfriend made me a whole STACK of scary workouts like this one....for days I dont want to go to the gym to workout... they are things I can do at home! So far I have been VERY motivated to go to the gym!

(The stack of cards he made me, thanks Jeff)

Happy Workouts!


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