Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo Diet 7/24/12

Today was fun!

I felt awesome in my workouts and I got to take my boyfriends neice and nephews who I LOVE to a Diamonbacks game... they LOVED it!

 Of course when I said:
"SMILE" no one looked at the camera, the two year old decided to takes a drink and my boyfriend did his  goofy smile....

But I'm sure this is the type of picture that I will look back on with a smile. 

Here is what I ate today:

My Morning Coffee:
 So I drink coffee every morning, usually with sugar free coffee creamer...
I am SO happy that I found something that is WAY closer to Paleo than the regular SF Creamer. 
This creamer is made out of coconut milk!

 Egg Whites & Salsa

 1 Leftover Grilled BBQ Burger, with avocado and asparagus

Afternoon Snack:
 Carrots dipped in Hummus... YUM!

I was VERY pressed for time when it came to dinner..... So I made the fastest thing I know, which was breakfast. Notice the lack of veggies??? Good thing I ate carrots as a snack

I was so proud of myself tonight  for not cheating at the baseball game, even though we loaded up the little ones with sweets, icees, pretzels, popcorn and more sweets before sending them home with their parents. Smelling the popcorn was HARD because mmhmm I LOVE me some buttery popcorn, but I know the results will be worth it!

I'm finding so many local mud runs to sign up for in the fall! Very excited for what the future has in store!


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