Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo Diet 7/19/12

Today was a NOT so good day eating wise..

I began this blog as a journal for myself to become a healthier person, therefore I need to be completely honest with myself and what I ate today and post it ALL here. 

Lets take a look:

 Daddy made me breakfast (Thanks Dad!) 2 small eggs with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast

 Oranges from the Kids camp program I work at

 Usually I am a creature of habit... Meaning I go home from work at exactly 12:30 everyday HUNGRY and make myself a nice healthy lunch... Unfortunatley my boss asked me to stay late today at work... This means I would have eaten lunch VERY late when I finally got home. 
So I caved and ate what the kids had for lunch. They had chicken hot dogs, diced pears and baked sweet potato rounds. Not THAT unhealthy besides the bun on the hot dog!

 A couple dark chocolate covered almonds. 

Drink to make it through the day without a nap:
 Usually used as a pre-workout drink. Today used to get me through the day. I had to take TWO finals at a testing center before I could leave on my trip tomorrow. 

UNPICTURED: there was an incident with me being at the college with time to spare, BORED, sitting alone on a couch next to a vending machine....
:( I caved and bought hot tamales. 


I feel like I talk about my boyfriend and his cooking alot but SERIOUSLY YUM. 

Tonight he made DELICIOUS lime juice/pepper tossed asparagus, Sweet Potato's, and HEALTHY baked chicken fingers (whole wheat flour/bread crumbs) Only problem was I put some brown sugar on my sweet potato... I def caved into temptations A LOT today.

Unpictured is some watermelon I had for dessert!

Overall it wasn't a TERRIBLE day....

Just a few slips here and there.

Tomorrow I will share what I'm packing as healthy snacks for my weekend trip and say good bye for a few days!!!!


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think we all cave to temptation every once in awhile. Look at all the great things you ate, too - and man does that meal look good with the asparagus and sweet potato. I'm salivating and it's not even 8 am! lol. Keep your head up, you will do better tomorrow. :)