Sunday, July 15, 2012

My GOALS for the week

I can't believe this week went by SO FAST!

Tomorrow I will weigh-in and post my week 3 picture!

But for today, I knew I really needed to set some Goals for myself - to give my week better direction!

Here are the goals I came up with for THIS week:

If you have been reading this for awhile, you know that I got SICK this past friday into the weekend. 

I am going to attribute this sickness to lack of sleep. 

I was TRYING to go to sleep by 10:30 every night (not very strict about it), but when paired with the mornings that I wake up at 5a.m. .... I need to make a change. 

So my goal for this week is to be home by 9:30 every night and be ASLEEP by 10. 

Hopefully those 30 extra minutes will make a difference!

As you know I post my daily workouts on this blog. 

This week, I felt like I wasn't getting SORE after my workouts. 

In the spirit of Pushing Myself, my goal is to make harder workouts for myself and to FEEL THE BURN

Today I will be planning my workouts with Jeffrey, I'm sure he'll be able to come up with some good ones!

Have you ever heard of drinking as many ounces of water as lbs you weigh a day???

I'm usually REALLY good about chugging water throughout the day, but this week I feel like I slacked in the water department. 

This can be attributed to a lack of preparedness 
(not making water bottles and to-go cups)

So for this week I am going to drink a giant glass of water upon waking up, bring a big water bottle to work EVERY day, take a to-go water cup or bottle with me throughout my day and drink a large glass of water with my dinner. 

That's allot of water eh?? ;)

50 sit ups every night. 

Doesn't sound very hard right??

I was reading another fitness ladies blog and she does TWO HUNDRED situps every night....

Now while that just sounds boring and a bit extreme, 

I'm going to challenge myself to do the fifty. 

At night, I am VERY relaxed and tend to have a lack of motivation to do anything except get in my bed.......

So I will have to challenge myself to do these last 50 Situps before bed!!!

What are your goals for the week??

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  1. I love it! I need goals like this for myself. Especially the water - I rarely drink enough water, I just hate it. Love reading this, good luck this week! :) -Mia