Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Diet 7/27/12

Today was a LONG but FUN day!!!

Worst part of the Day: I did not get to workout or do my 30 day ab challenge...

Best Part of the Day: Eating bacon wrapped water chestnuts at an Olympic party...YUM

 Here is what I ate today:

 1 scrambled egg with my paleo coffee!

My Lunch Box:
 For my double shift at work I packed: 1 nectarene, chicken & veggies, cashews, carrots & hummus & some veggie/fruit juice

 Boyfriend made me green beans, sweet potato fries and charcoal grilled chicken :)

What I brought to the Olympic Party:
A hastily put together American flag fruit platter.... 

Now I HAVE to get to bed (waking up early to go hiking)

Until Tomorrow, 


  1. I love the platter and how nice of your boyfriend. I love sweet potato fries!