Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rewarding Yourself

Stop rewarding yourself with food. You're not a dog.   www.hardbody.com    Fitnesss Motivation 

Since I've started eating clean, I've noticed how often I used to use food as a reward....

So I've decided to try a new reward system for myself!!!

Each week that I stick to my Clean Eating Goals, My Photo Diet Challenge, and My Workouts, 

I will buy myself something as a reward that will help motivate me to continue my goals. 

For example:

This adorable gym bag (I'm currently using an old backpack)

This convenient water bottle to take to the gym/running....it also matches the gym bag ;)

A pull up bar to hang in my doorway......

Nike Billboard Racer Women's Tank Top

And Nike tops. I absolutely LOvE these....Just need to be able to fit into them!!! :)

The best part is.... I can't feel guilty about going out and spending the money because I will DESERVE it!!!

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