Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Diet 7/15/12 & My Brothers Birthday

Tonight was my little brothers 18th birthday!!!

to celebrate we went out to dinner. 

Eating out is HARD. 

and there was cake too....but more about that later!

Here is what I ate today:

Eggs w/ ham, bacon & breakfast potatoes

Usually my breakfast are a little healthier, but we had a family breakfast today so I didn't cook for myself!

Greek Salad with chicken, cucumbers, red onions & feta cheese. SO YUMMY

Greek Yogurt!

My brother ordered two appetizers for our table. He ordered chicken wings and nachos...

This is a picture of one of the GIANT nachos he ordered...I let myself have 1. 
On the nachos were chicken, cheese, black beans and a green/unidentified vegetable!

My Entree:
When we went into the restaurant at first my stomach sunk! It appeared to be a BIG country western bar that served food. 

For anyone who is trying to eat healthy, bar food is NEVER good..

As I read the menu, my suspicions were confirmed. 

Most of the menu consisted of burgers, quesadillas, tacos, and chicken fried things. 

Luckily, they had a more expensive section that I found ribs under..
hey, my parents were paying!

So I ordered the ribs and substituted the fries and coleslaw that were supposed to come with it for asparagus (that I was surprised to see on the menu).

This is the BAD part of this post. 

Being my brother's birthday, there was cake. 

My boyfriend and I talked and decided that a tiny piece wouldn't kill all my progress. 

It was half ice cream, half cake. 

I ate all the ice cream off and left the cake. 

In the past, a little cheat on my diet or eating plan would lead to a large splurge or binge fest.

But not this time. 

I ate the chunk of ice cream, then threw the rest of the cake down the drain, and then chugged a big glass of water. 

Aren't you proud??

Until tomorrow!


  1. Yay, good job! I admire your willpower, I'm not sure I could have thrown away the rest of the cake! :) -Mia

  2. Hi Dani! I'm Emilio from Argentina. All the pictures show food that look great specially your breakfast seems delicious!

    I know how if feels to go out and not know what you should eat, trust me I have to deal with that every time I go out! Even gathering at a friend's house I sometimes feel stupid making myself a salad while they order pizza for themselves or hamburgers!

    I'm not sure if you are following any diet in particular or just watching what you eat. I'm skipping white flour, sugar and processed food as much as I can and I feel it's working quite well for me! I've lost 8 kg (17 lbs) since I started doing that and feel great!

    Have a good day and please feel free to pass by my blog :D


    1. Emilio-

      I'm TRYING to do just about the same thing that you are! I will def check out your blog! Thanks for following me, I love meeting other people going through the same thing as me!
      Thanks for the support!