Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Fitness Story

Everyday is a challenge for me to make healthy choices. 

When I was just 11 years old I began to gain weight.... bad!

 (I Am on the far left in this picture, and my twin sister (who has always been a stick) is on the right next to my mom.) 

When my mom noticed my weight gain she signed me up for weight watchers. 

That was my first fad diet of many to come!

Granted, I did not lose weight on weight watchers but my mom signed my sister and I up for competitive cheer-leading at the end of that year. 

For our team, we were in the cheer gym 5-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day!

If you have ever competed in a competetive sport, you know that it begins to consume you!

After my first year of competetive cheer, I began to notice a change in my body. 

As I entered 7th grade I began to work VERY hard at the cheer gym and challenge myself everyday. 

Also, being very young and naive, I began limited my calorie intake in a very unhealthy way. 

My progress was obvious to everyone. I went from being a chubby little kid to being a lean, 101 pounds at 5'1. By eighth grade, I was in AMAZING SHAPE. 

In this picture I am the girl in the Middle holding the other girls feet in the air!!! 
(They needed someone strong to lift, but light to carry)

*I don't know how well you can see in this picture but my thighs are JACKED!

So there I was, in AHMAZING shape...and what do I do?

Well the next year, I go to highschool, quit the competetive cheer team for the school cheer team and begin eating ALOT of unhealthy foods & excercising rarely again. 

By alot of weight- I mean I gained 24 pounds my first year of High school. 

So by the end of Freshman year, I was 5'2 and 125 pounds. 

Which WAS a perfectly good looking weight and would've been fine, if I didn't keep gradually gaining weight every year....

My high school memories are filled with crash diet for awhile, binge, gain back weight, crash diet for a while, binge, gain back weight.....

You get the picture. I can catagorize my years and months by the crash diet I was on. 


At the end of my Senior Year I had just finished yet another crash diet and was VERY skinny. 

Thats when I met my CUTE boyfriend Jeff!!!

A picture from when we first met 2010

Graduation from High School 2010

Senior Prom 2010

As you can see, we fell in LOVE when I was in GREAT shape. 

Sadly, after High School when we started college together we began eating allot of meals out - and I stopped working out...

I forgot how good it felt to be skinny.

My boyfriend however, started going to school to become a firefighter, became addicted to CrossFit and began working out religiously!

One day I looked at pictures and realized how much I had changed in the last two years. 
I was no longer in "good shape". I had lost all muscle tone, and I had gained an unnatractive amount of fat. 

 I looked at pictures of us and thought to myself, "I'm surprised My boyfriend hasn't become unatracted to me!" 
(this was an all time low for me).

Here I am two years later and I FINALLY got my life back in order. 

July 2012 - June 2013

These pictures document almost exactly ONE YEAR of working out and making healthier choices!!!

I am SO happy with my current progress, and I can't wait to see what the Future Brings!!!


  1. We are so similar only I'm 6 inches taller! I also did competitive cheer and quit to do school when I entered high school - enter weight gain plus all the crash diets - losing and gaining.

    Sorry, just had to comment! I'm already loving your blog!

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one haha!! Thanks for stopping by and reading this :)

      I wrote this when I very first started this journey and I am so glad I re-read it!!!! Nothing more motivating than reading something you wrote yourself!!!!