Wednesday, July 25, 2012

W.O.D 7/25/12

Today's Workout is Back & a Run. 

I ran this morning, 3 miles total if you count how far I walked after I ran!

Now its time for a back workout. 

This weeks challenge for myself was:
Which means I will be doing another crossfit workout! Yay me!

I will be doing a "beginners" crossfit today because I am EXHAUSTED and my boyfriend won't let me sleep all day...

P.s. I always forget to say this, but I ALWAYS warm up with 5-10 minutes of Zumba.

This really gets my heart going, is FUN, and gets me excited for my workout. 

Happy Workout!


p.s. don't forget I'm still doing the 30 day ab challenge!

Day #2 is TODAY!

30 day ab challenge


  1. wow, this looks like a killer workout. where do you find your crossfit workouts?

    1. Hey Jin!
      HAhaha this one was mostly me being too lazy to do anything harder today!!!
      My favorite website to find wods is Its a crossfit wod generator that gives you wods by category!!!
      I Hope that helps!

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